I want to bring Debbie's performance to your attention. I have gone through a number of corporate relocations, have purchased over 28 properties & have been represented by a number of agents. Debbie stands out amongst all of them in her availability, follow-up, and professionalism! Know that my already excellent experience with Kewanee Mel Foster Co. continues to get better!   
Paul F- Kewanee

Deb did a wonderful job for us & I would highly recommend her to all my friends & family! Deb was receptive to whatever we suggested getting our house SOLD!
Troy W.- Sherrard
Excellent service, very helpful & knowledgeable! She handled the whole transaction in an excellent manner!                                          Patrick S.- Galva

She did a very good job, to get the house as fast as she could.                               
Clara S- Galva

Debbie was professional, friendly & knowledgeable! If there was a question or concern, she had the answer for us promptly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell!                                                                                     
Karen S- Kewanee

She was available whenever we called & answered immediately. She had answers to all our questions!                                                  Larry V.  Kewanee

The process went very smoothly. My REALTOR®, Debbie was efficient, organized & honest! I value these qualities!                              Isaac S.  Kewanee

Great communication & informational for the first-time home buyer!   
Katie B.  Kewanee
Debbie was an outstanding agent! She has great knowledge of real estate, always available to answer my many questions. Our whole experience was wonderful because of Debbie & the Mel Foster Co.!                 
Jacob S.  Kewanee

Debbie is the best- very caring & helpful!!   
Michele J.  Kewanee
Debbie did a great job, she was patient, kind & gave lots of info & helped me find a home that I am very happy with!                            Cassandra G.   Kewanee
She was always available for questions/ concerns. Very prompt with getting back to us.
Elizabeth J  Galva
Debbie was extremely helpful with all of our questions. She was easy to get ahold of & if there was a question she couldn't answer, she was very quick on getting back to us. She also offered appropriate recommendations on what we could do to help sell our house. This was my first time selling a house & Debbie helped make the whole process easier to navigate & understand! 
Ami J Kewanee

Debbie is just wonderful- couldn't ask for better & appreciate her! 
Earl F.  Princeville